Google is Working on a Privacy Guide Feature on Chrome Android

Both on desktops and smartphones, Google Chrome is the most dominant browser in the world with almost 70% of the market. If you are a typical privacy-conscious user, you may not be very comfortable using this browser because they will provide a lot of information to Google. Maybe they don't use this information to sell ads, but as we know, Google's track record is almost "thin" from that of Facebook. However, Google made a new privacy guide to Chrome, and it is hoped that this will reduce Google Chrome users' concerns about privacy.

You Can See Any Data That Has Been Given

As reported by Techdowns, they report that the feature has been added to Chrome as a flag, which means you can test it out or just see what the feature has to offer.

This Privacy Guide will be available in the application settings menu by going to the Privacy and Security subsection. This will allow you to review the different app settings, and tell you the function and purpose of the feature and what you have submitted to Google to make the feature work. If something doesn't work or you don't expect it, you can turn it off from the menu.

This feature is available under the #privacy-review flag for all Chrome users, but in different tests there were some users who had different ways of accessing this privacy guide. Even if they access #privacy-review, those users just get a blank screen. There are also users who activate it in flags (chrome://flags), on the other hand there are also some users who can't find it.

Even though this feature is not yet stable, you could say this is a step that should be appreciated for Chrome. Of course, privacy is a right that must be protected by the developer and not exploited arbitrarily. But for sure, this is a positive step that must be monitored until this feature is stable in the Google Chrome application.