Pixel Watch's first render finally revealed !

Image source Google

Google is often reportedly been preparing for wearable   even google bought fitbit at the end of 2019 but unfortunately these rumours are still rumour with no clarity about when the devices been released.

however Jon Prosser who often leaks information related to google devices claims that his trusted sources say that that the pixel watch  really exists and will be released as soon as possible (It may be launch pixel 6 ) even Jon has uploaded many render that are claimed to be the pixel watch here are the details.

Image source Google

Jon said that he actually got the picture of the true form of the pixel watch but to protect the source he didn't share the original image.so he changed the watch image provided by his source into a 3D rendering which Jon claims still look like the original.

Image source Google

if you look around the pixel watch designed above seems to be inspired by Samsung galaxy active watch where the difference is that the pixel watch has slightly larger dimension and also has a more premium impression because the smartwatch screen is more curved Jon did not provided complete detail regarding the specification of this smartwatch, but we can be sure this device will be the toughest and most elegant Wear Os ever. 

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