How to play Mobile Legends on PC & laptop without being slow

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Who here likes to play Mobile Legends until you lose track of time? Just so you know, now there is a way to play Mobile Legends on PC, you know!

Of course, there are several benefits you can get by playing on a PC. For example, it won't run out of battery and run out of internet quota.

So for those of you who don't know how to download Mobile Legends on a laptop, here we will fully review how to play ML on laptops and PCs without lag . Check it out!

Advantages of Playing Mobile Legends on PC / Laptop

In fact, Mobile Legends is a mobile game that is intended to play on smartphones or tablets, both Android and iOS based.

However, many Android emulator applications on PC now allow for a way to play ML on a Windows 7 laptop or PC. Of course, there are many advantages that you can feel, including:

1. Controls and Graphics Like dota 2

For those of you who are looking for a side besides playing Dota 2 on PC, Mobile Legends can indeed be an outlet, you know. Simple controls with simple gameplay might be your reason.

Now some people who play Mobile Legends on PC also want to still experience the experience of playing Dota 2 by using controls in the form of a mouse and keyboard.

Well, if you are the type of person whose hands are dry quickly, there is no more wrong skill because your hands are slippery, gang!

2. Maximum Live Streaming

So if this one reason is usually for those of you who want to live stream games on YouTube or other platforms .

Usually, YouTubers in Mobile Legends play more on PC to get some benefits. For example, such as a better internet connection and without lag when running various programs at once.

Minimum Mobile Legends Specifications on PC / Laptop

After knowing the advantages of playing Mobile Legends on a PC, now you must know the minimum PC or laptop specifications that you must have.

Oh yes, this is so that you are more comfortable playing without the interruption of lag, you know. Then what are the minimum specifications? Check the details below, yeah!

How to Play Mobile Legends on a PC or Laptop Without Lag (100% Works)

You must be impatient, right? Take it easy, now you have entered the main discussion anyway!

Now for this tutorial, we will recommend using NoxPlayer or better known as Nox.

NoxPlayer itself is one of the best Android emulator software, which is recommended for playing Android games on PCs or laptops.

For those of you who want to play on PC directly, unfortunately until now there is no way to play Mobile Legends on a PC without an emulator.

For the next steps, let's see the complete tutorial on playing ML on a laptop below:

How to Download & Install Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer

If you don't have the NoxPlayer emulator software and the Mobile Legends game installed in it, let's follow the steps below.

It's really easy! Don't use all kinds of complications.

Download and install the Android Nox Player emulator application on your PC. You can download it directly via the link below: Download the latest Mobile Legends: Bang Bang APK file at the link below. Then, click and drag the APK file onto the NoxPlayer window to start installing.

In addition to manual installation via an APK file , you can also install via the Google Play Store service available on NoxPlayer.

Open the Google Play Store application at NOX, then log in using your Gmail account . Perform the installation as usual.

If so, run Mobile Legends: by clicking on the link provided. Download in-game data to be able to play the game.

Done! Really easy, right, gang?

How to Setting Mobile Legends Mouse & Keyboard on NoxPlayer

It's not possible, has it been installed on a PC or laptop but still insisting that you still want to play using the touchscreen?

Well, because you will be playing with a mouse and keyboard, there are a number of settings that you must do before you actually play and feel the excitement.

Here are some key mappings, to control Mobile Legends on a PC using a mouse and keyboard. Listen, let's!

After entering the game, play Custom mode first to start setting buttons. Open the Simulate Touch menu or the Ctrl + 1 key combination to enter the mouse and keyboard settings page.

NoxPlayer has provided recommended settings for playing MOBA genre. Here are the best mouse and keyboard settings for playing Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer.

Collection of Key Mapping Mobile Legends on NoxPlayer





Button Up

Movement Up

Button Down

Movement Down

Left button

Movement Left

Button Right

Movement Right


Normal Attack


Skill 1


Skill 2


Skill 3


Skill 1 Upgrade


Skill 2 Upgrade


Skill 3 Upgrade






Battle Spell

Caps lock

Item Shop


Buy Item 1


Buy Item 2


Attack Command


Retreat Command


Gather Command


Chat Command


Battle Stats



Getting Info...

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